Friday, September 25, 2009

The Leftovers: London Fashion Week SS10

New York, along with most of the world, is usually about a good twelve months behind London when it comes to trends. So though many of the dominating colors were the same, it seems that awkward cutouts will not be long for this world. There were still many, many prints. Maybe it’s that I’ve been looking at pictures of prints for two weeks now, but I’m starting to like them on sight without the usual groaning and moaning followed by eventual acceptance.

Or it could be that Matthew Williamson, back in London this season after showing in New York for the past few years, has a way with them that many others don’t.

His show had a shot of brights that’s generally been missing all season. And though I tend not to wear them, there was something a bit dreary about next spring and summer without their presence.

Though Williamson didn’t do any print mixing, others did. And in general the results were much like those seen at Peter Som, playful and beautiful.

At Clements Ribeiro:

At Peter Pilotto:

The flashes of skin could not be avoided all together, but, yet again, I felt that they were handled more gracefully.

At Jonathan Saunders:

Burberry decided to stream their show live for the entire internet to see. Only realizing this about an hour before it was to begin, I quickly prepared myself with snacks and an appropriate outfit aka the yoga pants I only ever wear inside. After the show ended, I immediately told a friend about how lovely it was. How feminine. How I can never resist a perfect trench.

Her response was Of course you loved it, you're a Burberry girl.

And she's right. Season after season, I am.

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