Thursday, March 19, 2009

When in Milan...

After finally reading the March issue of Vogue and spending a good amount of time stressing about the direction my life is taking, I got down to the business of addressing Milan and Paris.

Of all the fashion weeks, I have to say that Milan is probably my least favorite. The clothes are beautiful, as they are in all of the cities, but they're just not very me. And though the clothes shown in London are even less me, the innovation and originality seen in that city's offerings excite me.

In Milan, the allusions to the 1980s were there (as they were everywhere) but more in the shapes and cuts as opposed to the searing colors that were a signature of that time. There was, as always, individual pieces that I fell in love with.

A slim fitting suit and an equally slim dress at Jil Sander.

A lengthy clutch at Bottega Veneta.

The embellished cocktail dress at Prada.

A royal blue dress at Salvatore Ferragamo.

And because I can only like things two at a time, there were, again, the two collections that I loved. One for the clothes and one for the accessories.

I've been a fan of Burberry Prosrum and its Creative Director, Christopher Bailey for awhile now. This season was no different. There were allusions to the Bloomsbury Group there, but, unlike when so many other designers reference past decades, the inspiration was subtle and stayed out of the realm of costume.

Though I was a bit something about the clothes at Marni this season, that feeling did not extend to the accessories. The necklaces are similar to the ones from Lanvin a few seasons ago, but these, for some reason, are more appealing to me. They seem lighter in some way. Maybe it's that I don't feel sophisticated enough for Lanvin. Marni would be easier for me to pull off.

Besides the necklaces, I fell in love with the tights. Simpler and more every day than those shown at Doo.Ri earlier in the month.

And then there were the bracelets.

Hopefully the break between Milan and Paris won't be as long as the one between New York and Milan. Hopefully.

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