Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gone Missing

I'm horrible at keeping gloves. Much like my socks, I'm constantly looking for one half of the pair. I stalk around my apartment looking for the mate, get excited when I think it's finally been found, and then realize that it is the non-missing half that I've stumbled across. Or is it? But then where is the original glove?

This scenario can play out for several minutes before I get frustrated and decide to get by with simply stuffing my hands deep into my pockets.

But if I had long, red gloves, they would never get lost like my measly black ones.

That's what I'm going to keep telling myself.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Walk Ins

When boredom grabs me, one of the first places I head is the refrigerator. Not to eat anything. I just open it and peer in. Considering. Contemplating. And then, after a few minutes, I close it. My mother tells me that I've been doing this since I could walk. That and unknowingly standing in front of the television when others are trying to watch. After the fridge, I usually head over to the closet.

When I was six years old, the closet of choice was my mother's. Every inch was packed. Suits with shoulder pads. Evening dresses with intricate beading and sequins. And near the back, a group of slinky party dresses left over from her 20s. A Pink, A Black and A Cream. Those pieces were my favorite. I could see people on the street towering over me in their suits all of the time. I often caught glimpses of glamorous women wearing those evening dresses with intricate beading and sequins on the television. But I never saw anyone in anything like The Pink, The Black and The Cream. Those dresses were worn by a mother I had never known. And the idea of that confused and intrigued my little girl mind.

When I'm in a vintage store now, it's like I'm in the closet again. I am six and everything is more beautiful than anything in my own. And then I look at the price tags...

But earlier this week while at my internship, I got introduced to Nasty Gal Vintage, a site with reasonably priced vintage pieces. The items that drew my eye fell into one of two categories: Available and Unavailable.

This Mod Dress has two things that I don't go for normally: color and pattern. But I love it. And its bow. And the fact that it costs less than a good number of my jeans.

And here we are again with the color and the pattern. But I like anything that reminds me of school uniforms of yore. The Sioux Buckle Skirt does that job quite nicely.

The first item that I clicked on was the Sunshine Lace Dress. Even though it was clearly marked sold. I think the skirt caught in mid-twirl made me do it. That and the fact that this is basically my idea of the perfect summer dress.

I like sparkles, as should be obvious from this blog's title. But I tend not to wear them. (We'll address that at a later date.) So maybe it's the fact that the Saturday Sequin Jacket features black sequins against a black background that makes me covet it. Or it could be the fact that it's unavailable.

I have a habit of wanting those things least likely to be mine.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Coat

For the past few weeks, I've been relying on one coat above all others. My mother bought The Coat at some point during my college years. I don't remember exactly when it made its way into my life, but I do remember that I wasn't exactly enamored with it. It was a bit small, and, I thought, a bit boring. An interesting response from me considering that college wasn't a time in my life when I necessarily cared all that much about my clothing.

But I cared enough to know that I didn't like it. I often left it hanging in my closet in favor of my long, black coat or my puffy jacket. Last winter with a good amount of weight gone and a relatively mild winter, I wore the coat more and more. I came to love its hidden surprises. The outer pattern that from a distance appeared to be a single color but revealed itself upon closer inspection.

The cream silk lining with the roses painted on it.

I thought I was the only one who took notice of these things, but every time I wear it, someone comments on it. People touch it. Pet it. Finger the lining. It's beautiful, but is it warm?

Sometimes Yes. Sometimes No. It's thinner than my long, black coat. It has buttons that snap in the front and are prone to opening of their own accord. I pile lime green, crew neck sweaters and cable knit, black cardigans underneath it. I either hold it shut using one of my wide belts or I let it fly open. Flapping behind me in the breeze as I walk. People wrapped tightly in their puffers stare at me as I pass.

I wear it on days that I shouldn't and shiver.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bunny Ears

I love boys with undone shoes.

My iPod is on the fritz. Well, it has been for months now, but it has gotten to the point where I can't even listen to it. Every time I leave my apartment for the subway, I still throw it into my bag as opposed to one of the books or magazines I have on reserve. This leaves me with 30 minute long subway rides and nothing to do.

I've taken to watching the other people around me. Not staring but observing. On the A last week, I sat across from a boy wearing a black hoodie underneath his gray, distressed leather jacket. After jealously watching him fiddle with his Nano, my eyes fell on his gray Nikes with orange detailing. The laces were placed through the holes in a convoluted pattern that made it appear as if they were barely doing their job of keeping the shoes on his feet. The velcro strap near the toe was attached in such a way that it was still allowed to flap around. At that moment, however, they merely stood at semi-attention.

I looked back up at his face, which was partially obscured by the hands holding the Nano. He was definitely cute. But what I really liked were his shoes. The color. The way they met the hem of his slim-fitting jeans. The laces. Sure, it takes a certain level of anal retentiveness to leave your laces done yet undone in a particular fashion, but I am the queen of anal retentiveness. I favor the clean and polished. The finished. People who work so hard for the opposite intrigue me.

The train pulled into my station. He stayed in his seat as I hopped off to wait for the G and futilely tried to make my iPod produce music.

Friday, December 5, 2008

What About This? Part III

I have to be honest. I wrote most of this installment of the styling extravaganza while sitting in Moe's. My best friend's being away on a business trip combined with my need to leave my apartment have led me to spend far too much time there anti-socially typing away on my phone. So from the bottom of my pint of Dos Equis, I bring you Dance-y Friend.

Dance-y friend and I also attended the same college but didn't meet in earnest until my first real, live job at a place where she also happened to be working. We have both moved on from that place (thankfully), and now she is wrapping up her Journalism Masters in Dance Criticism and starting a new job as an Assistant Editor at a magazine. In my mind, a new job always means that it's time for a shopping spree.

She and I are around the same height aka tall and leggy but she is thinner than I and has more curves on the bottom half. She also lacks my aversion to heels.

For those brunches with friends and roommates, casual and comfortable but not schlumpy is key. Especially if going to Vynl, where we ate brunch surrounded by impeccably dressed Barbie dolls in glass cases. I was personally a fan of the Madonna doll, which sat in her case in the Madonna bathroom, where the speakers piped in Madonna hits. Long cardigans look good on lanky girls because it's harder for them to get swallowed up by their clothes. The belt adds definition at the waist, and the color means that she can wear it with everything. In fact, she should totally get two. One in white and one in another color. Such are the perks of shopping at Old Navy.

This shirt's neckline provides a hidden surprise for once she's seated and removes her outerwear. And green is a color that I really like for her. And unlike a lot of the clothes at Anthropologie, this shirt lacks any superfluous buttons or ribbons or lace.

She already has a favorite brand and cut of jeans. And this pair lets her do her part for the environment. That probably helps dull the pain of the price tag. Right. Exactly. Totally justifies them.

Simple, yellow flats add a pop of color on these increasingly dreary days.

She is a fan of the statement earring. I, of the cheap accessory, would often walk into our former office with whatever $4.99 pair I had picked up in H&M that weekend, and she would comment that she had almost bought them too. These will most likely have a longer shelf life than any of those confections.

Now to the fun part. So I know that working at a magazine isn't as glamorous I'd like to imagine, but we're going to go off into fantasyland a bit here because fantasyland is fun and has calorie-free bacon cheeseburgers. Mmm, bacon. Okay, we're getting off track here.

This dress by BCBG, whom she loves, is perfect for attending a show for work. The collar says I'm a professional; take me seriously. The whole package says Sometimes I like to run out for dates or drinks after work.

I am a big believer in work separates for the office, and J.Crew is one of the best at making pieces that are appropriate and flirty at the same time. Two categories that this blouse fits into quite easily.

A good pair of tweed pants will last you for years. Especially in a universally flattering wide leg cut.

Classic, black pumps work anytime, anywhere. And for a shoe that you're going to wear a lot, it's better to spend more as opposed to less. Unlike the cardigan.

I like this topper for her because it moves beyond the classic single breasted/double breasted categories that most cold-weather coats fall into. Also, when I was at a wine bar on Monday, someone walked in wearing it, and it looks as awesome as I imagined.

Though this bag probably isn't the best for attending shows, the fact that it can be carried in two iterations makes it an ideal choice for the workplace. Some days you need notepads and your laptop. Others no more than your phone, wallet and keys.

In the summer of 2007, we spent a lot of time going out in Chelsea because one of our c0-workers had connections there. I mildly resented having to dress up for these adventures, even if the drinks were going to be free. I always wanted to be wearing jeans. She, however, seemed to love it. During a Fleet Week adventure earlier that year, she wore formal shorts, which I had previously thought worked on no one, but I quickly became a fan. So did the Navy guy who spent the night talking to her. But our desperation wasn't as palpable as that of the women in their late 30s in the bar, and he was quickly poached.

So for a night on the town, this miniskirt is the perfect compliment to legs for days. And the A-line cut makes sure that it doesn't stray off into Camp Trampy.

The metallic thread laced through the rosettes of this top sets off the skirt above.

Three weeks ago on a trip to Uniqlo, I was made giddy by the fall-inspired hues of their tights. I left with a gray pair and would have taken the plum if they'd been there in my size. But the many choices will allow her to pick her poison, like this wine pair. Because skirts are fun but frostbite is not.

And as a little What She Would Own if She Were a Woman of Leisure nugget, I present this dress.

Now this Jonathan Saunders dress is definitely an investment piece. And it's on sale! Of course, it's still almost $1,400...

We'll just overlook that fact for the moment.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ball Drop

Possible New Year's Eve Dresses: The Forever 21 Edition




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Monday, December 1, 2008


Investment Piece is a phrase that is thrown around far too frequently in my opinion. I find most items priced past $1,000 to be overly trendy unless they have the name Louis Vuitton or Chanel stamped on them. Okay, so maybe I'm making this demarcation to justify my lust for a certain pair of $995 boots, but they seem to be suffering from Never Go On Sale syndrome. The stores are basically giving everything else away in this economic climate. except for those boots. And the Chanel flats. Never ever the Chanel flats.

On my Thanksgiving trip home to Boston, my mother and I went to the mall and made our way through the Boston Barneys. After inciting the chuckles of one of the salespeople with my comments complaining about how the well-dressed male mannequins neither had the ability to come to life nor to be taken home with you, I went to the dressing room with two dresses in tow. Generally my trips to such stores involve lots of trying on without any purchasing. So it was with no expectations that I headed off with the Rozae Nichols and the Helmut Lang.

When I'm on the contemporary floor of any of the major luxury department stores, I often suffer a case of tunnel vision. Marc by Marc Jacobs. 3.1 Phillip Lim. Vena Cava. Milly. I have my favorites and rarely glance at the other brands. But for some unknown reason, I decided to branch out.

I first tried on the Helmut Lang dress.

I wasn't sure about it on the hanger, but it was marked down, and I believe in trying everything on. I haven't paid much attention to Helmut Lang since its relaunch as a contemporary brand, but I've been noticing increasing amounts of it everywhere. The above picture does the dress no justice. It was perfection on. I pranced out to have my mother zip the last bit up, and I stood in the mirror for several minutes mesmerized by how small it made me look and mulling how difficult it would be to watch it returned to the rack.

Rozae Nichols
is a brand that I always breeze by in stores. But with my quest for a New Year's Eve party dress in the back of mind, I picked up this number with an eye toward that evening.

When I did a twirl in front of the mirror, I noticed a small rip in the back. Besides, I couldn't justify that price for something that would probably get someone's drink spilled on it at some point during the evening. That's what Forever 21 is for.

As I exited the dressing room, I handed over the Rozae Nichols. I decided to put the Helmut Lang back myself so that I could have a few moments with it before leaving. My mother came over to me and said Do you want it? I looked up at her, smiled and nodded.

It has already taken it's place next to The Dress in my closet. I imagine that it will soon be a favorite. Now the question is where will I wear it first.

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