Saturday, September 19, 2009

Favorite of the Day: Steven Alan

I know that I'm supposed to move onto London, but much like Day 3 of New York, I wasn't particularly moved by anything that was shown yesterday. So in its place, I'm giving you one last bit of New York.

I learned about Steven Alan during my internship late last year and earlier this year. Though I loved all of my favorites, let's not pretend that I could live my everyday life in most of those clothes. I couldn't. Maybe this is why I love Stella McCartney so much. She makes pieces that are as fanciful as any other designer, but I can also find items that I could wear while secretly being the chicest person at Trader Joe's.

And this is why I love Steven Alan. Being able to live in your clothes doesn't mean that you have to suddenly start wearing sweatpants and tees. You can look casual, stylish and easygoing. Also, the price point is just right for me. Or would be if I, you know, had a job right now.

Instead of a runway show, or even a presentation, Alan went for a video featuring a day in the life of a couple. The couple is completely decked out in his clothes, but unlike the Chanel video with Audrey Tautou (which I generally loved by the way), there is no mysterious floating Steven Alan logo keeping the protagonists awake.

Steven Alan Spring 2010 from Steven Alan on Vimeo.

There is just ease. The last breaths of summer. Tomatoes. And a beautiful turquoise dress.

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