Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Break Time

After being immersed in clothes for next spring and summer, I needed to break out and remember that it's fall and that I need things to go with those new mustard skinny cords that I own. Maybe these Church's studded brogues would do.

I mean, I did ruin my brown oxfords in the rain last year.

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Favorite of the Day: Christophe Lemaire

The most obvious interpretations of spring and summer are full of lightness and florals and frothy femininity. But at Christophe Lemaire, wide leg trousers with gentle pleats and easy jackets dominated.

In this collection, spring and summer were about the laid back ease that can sometimes be found in menswear.

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Favorite of the Day: Haider Ackermann

Some designers seem to hold no regard for the season. Each collection tells their story without much care for whether the clothes are meant for August or January. In most instances, the results can be off-putting. But when the designer is a strong storyteller, one wants to come along for the ride no matter what the time of year.

At the Haider Ackermann show on September 29th, almost none of the clothes spoke of the warm weather months.

But from the beginning one realized that none of that mattered because they spoke of so much else.

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Favorite of the Day: Chalayan

White has emerged as one of the colors, or non-color if you prefer, of the season. Using this blank canvas in ways that haven't been overdone is a challenge that many designers cannot overcome.

On September 28th, the Chalayan show featured a number of looks in white.

And none of them could be easily placed in any of the usual categories associated with the color.

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