Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Favorite of the Day: Rodarte

As a child, one my favorite books was a biography of Vincent Van Gogh written for the elementary school set. I loved looking at the beautiful paintings and learning about his life. But mostly I was enthralled by his particularities, especially when it came to the meticulous way in which he chose his paint. I was already a rather picky child. One who was always concerned about how things were organized. About my pencils and pens and markers and crayons. About my books and my homework. It was a revelation to my little girl self that someone so obsessed with order could also let themselves be taken over by such waves of creativity.

All of that little girl awe came rushing back as I viewed the pictures from the Rodarte show.

And I wondered where in my mother's house that book might still be living.

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Anonymous said...

I KNEW Rodarte would be your favorite. I love it too, but the black eyed susan print scares me a little.