Thursday, September 8, 2011

Favorite of the Day: Jenni Kayne

When you dig deep, the roots of my closet can be found in a life lived on the east coast. Summer is all sun dresses and maritime stripes. Winter is all blazers and more maritime stripes. I often appear to be on my way to some type of boating event that will probably include copious amounts of gin and horrible jokes about Brown not being a real Ivy League university.

But there are times when I crave the clean, easy style one can find on the west coast. Jenni Kayne has been producing just those types of clothes for years. This season she mixed heather grays, crisp whites, muted creams and candy brights in combinations that were structured and loose all at once.

These were clothes for days that melt into each other. For seemingly endless sunshine and soft, sweet breezes.

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