Saturday, August 23, 2008


When seasons change, fashion magazines, newspaper style sections and online shopping websites are filled with trend pieces. For fall I've run into High-vamp Shoes and New Neutrals and Lace. That's great. Thanks for letting me know what I should be buying, but I think I'll stick to mustards, long cardigans and equestrian-style boots.

This reaction might come as a surprise to some. One corner of my apartment is home to a backlog of fashion magazines. Luckys and Vogues and Elles and InStyles dating back to the fall of 2006. I think somewhere in my house in Boston is a suitcase still partially filled with magazines from college. What is the point of keeping them around if I don't really listen to them?

The thing is that I do listen to them, in my own way. I pick and choose what I like from every season. Not everything is going to look good on me. And some trends I just find hideous. I have a profound dislike of all things Boho Chic. Fringe on bags makes my brain itch in an unpleasant way. And I, and my chest, are a fan of the bra. Something that seems to be missing from many Boho Chic ensembles. So though I've heard that this trend is making a comeback for Spring/Summer 2009, it will be staying out of my closet.

Personal style is something that needs years to take shape and requires a steely attitude to maintain while also being open to modernization and evolution. I've only recently found this balance. So no High-vamp heels or Lace will be making their way into my life. New Neutrals, however, will fit right in.

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