Friday, August 8, 2008

Life Goals and Such

I'm up at the unseemly hour of 9:19 AM all dressed and sitting, once again, at my favorite coffee shop acting like I have an actual freelance job. Though with the frequency that I post here, this blog could be considered a job. A job that doesn't pay and in which I am judge, jury and executioner.

But, nonetheless, a job. And the first one that I've enjoyed in awhile.

In one of my high school French classes, my teacher told us that we would have many jobs during our lives. I didn't believe her. In my mind, you went to college then grad school then spent over 40 years basically doing the same thing. There was a comfort in such a linear life. And at 16, everything in my mind progressed along straight lines. Let's be honest, it was 1999. The times were good. Not that they're bad now. But everything seems rosy when you're an obnoxiously smart teenager.

Last night on one of my Fort Greene/Clinton Hill evening walks, I wondered if I would have been happier with the straight line kind of life. If all this meandering was worth the insecurity and hurt feelings and pounds lost. Okay, it was definitely worth the pounds lost. But what about all the other bullshit? I've met some great people. I've wandered onto a path, finally, that I am passionate about. I get to see movies and take bubble baths in the middle of the day. So, for all of the crazy, I think that I'll reach my next milestone birthday (oy, 30) and be able to say that all of this was an unfortunate yet necessary detour on the way to the land of Happy and Fulfilled.

Wait, what is this blog about again? Oh, right. Fashion.

I love Sari Gueron. And so should everyone else.

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