Monday, August 4, 2008


I believe that every large change that happens in one's life is precipitated by a single moment.

At a party on Saturday, someone mentioned that there was one piece that she could pinpoint as starting a shift in her style. It got me wondering if I had such a piece sitting in my closet.

During my senior year of college, I bought my first pencil skirt. It's black with a little stretch. It falls right below the knee with a small slit in the front center. The buttons, as opposed to being flat and black, are round and filled with small crystal-like pieces.

The pencil skirt proved a departure for me. A departure that has now became the norm. After years of buying clothes meant to hide and distract, I bought something that did everything but that. It was cut slimly. It was made to draw attention to my shape.

From there I bought shorter skirts. Tighter dresses. Fitted tops.

And all this, in turn, caused me to stop spending my time in the shadows. I'm still quiet and shy. Socializing quickly drains me of energy. But, for some reason, the clothes now in my closet make me stand out. People take notice of them. I don't disappear beneath unflattering fabrics.

Now only to inject some color besides yellow.

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