Thursday, July 25, 2013

Resort 2014: Reed Krakoff

The group of brands making quality American sportswear is small yet their visions are expansive. It includes everything from the super luxe world of Michael Kors to the east coast preppiness of Tommy Hilfiger. Reed Krakoff has quickly elbowed its way into the conversation. Part of the speed of its entrance into the middle of things can be attributed to the infrastructure that the brand possessed from its inception. But even the most efficient organizational machine would count for nothing if the clothes weren't able to draw people in.

The clothes at Reed Krakoff are often about simplicity with a chic edge. Everything is about subtlety, a subtlety that cannot be upset by the use of supple leathers or overblown, half-finished floral prints. This collection is as seasonless as that seen at Band of Outsiders, but there is also a timeless edge that weaves its way through the clothing.

From the sweatshirt-like tops in perforated leather and snakeskin prints to the soft yet sculptural shapes of the dresses, these are clothes unattached from time in only the best way.

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