Friday, July 19, 2013

Resort 2014: Marni

The clothes of the Marni resort 2014 collection are decidedly dark in color and tone. They fit more closely with the name that more and more people are adopting for this season, pre-Spring. The Marni woman appears to have much on her agenda. And yes, as much as the three previous collections were meant for a certain girl, the clothes from Marni bring to mind a particular woman. How you tell one apart from the other is difficult to explain. It springs mostly from a feeling.

The prints are still full of flora and fauna but they lack the playfulness seen before. These are power florals in muted yet rich hues. That power leaks out from the prints and encompasses the silhouettes as well. The shapes will overwhelm all but the right people. Slightly overblown, almost stoic in nature, they give the hint that they are covering up a sweet softness that can be revealed only by touch.

They play both sides of the coin.

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