Thursday, July 18, 2013

Resort 2014: Kenzo

There can be no question about the types of temperatures in which the Kenzo girl is spending her time. Hot. Balmy. Bordering on the oppressive. Days much like today. But unlike the resort collections of the past, as well as those from the storied fashion houses of the present, it isn’t because she is jetting off to an extended stay at her family's estate in Tunisia. She is not the moneyed girl escaping the dreariness of winter while wearing glorious caftans and oversized straw hats. Heat is a part of her daily life and year round she dresses accordingly.

She favors strong, jarring color combinations. Colors so bright that one almost has to shade one’s eyes when looking directly at them. The palm trees seen in the Fausto Puglisi collection appear again but in a more painterly and less photo-realistic manner. Her ensembles are not meant for the slow pace of vacation life.

And in her life, there is always some room to show a little skin.

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