Monday, August 17, 2009

Pick Your Poison

It all started with these.

As the fashion editorials began to set their sights on fall, I noticed oxfords popping up everywhere. I placed this observation somewhere in the back of my brain as I do all things that are somewhat important but not necessarily relevant to my life at that moment. Until, that is, while doing a bit of online window shopping, I stumbled across this vintage Yves Saint Laurent pair. Maybe it was the fact that they seemed almost new. Or the soft pony hair. Or the jaunty way the model posed with them on, but I fell in love before I realized that they were not in my size. And that I can't afford them at the moment. (Maybe that should have been the first thought?)

I've been following my rule about staying aware of trends but not becoming a slave to them, but once a season, something enthralls me. This fall it is the oxford shoe. Oxfords have, of course, been around for a rather long time. I almost definitely had a pair that I wore with my little plaid uniform at Catholic school when I wasn't in penny loafers or mary janes. But as when any item from the past reenters the public consciousness, the shoe has been reimagined. People take the original and play with it. Twist it into something new. A piece that recalls the past but also speaks of the present. And because of that fact, there are enough iterations to satisfy everyone.




Pedro Garcia

Spectator Style:

Candela NYC


Christian Louboutin

Contributor by Rachel Comey

Rag & Bone




Christian Louboutin


Pour La Victoire

D.CO Copenhagen



And Wang:

For me, it will probably end with these.

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