Friday, May 22, 2009


I could go down the typical female route here and say that I hate shopping for bathing suits, but that would be a lie. I love shopping for anything. Books. DVDs. Baked Goods. Groceries. Pens. (God I love pens. I used to horde my pens in middle school. And each class had a different color pen assigned to it for note taking. And I placed them in the individual pen holders in the front pocket of my L.L. Bean monogrammed backpack. Because I was, and am, a dork. And that is what dorks do.)

During that extremely warm spell we had here in New York a month ago, I pulled out the brown tankini that I bought three summers ago. I hadn't worn it since last summer and decided that I should see how it fits before swimming season begins in earnest. The results were not good. There was a lot of unfortunate sagging, and it was instantly clear that it would have to be replaced.

When it comes to bathing suits, I go for function over style. I try to remember function when shopping for most of my clothes, but I have bought things that border on ridiculous. However, there is room for more freedom in my clothing purchases as I don't have to go swimming in them.

And that's what bathing suits are for above all else. Swimming. Maybe it's that tanning never enters my consciousness because I am brown to begin with, but I can't imagine buying a suit that's only purpose is looking pretty. That's like buying a pair of jeans that can only be worn while standing. I can't fathom such a thing. So I end up with suits like these.

From Urban Outfitters:

From J.Crew:

Functional yet pretty. Versatile enough that I wouldn't have to buy a new suit for a few years. I can, however, become easily seduced by suits like these.

From Anthropologie:

From J.Crew...again:

(Yes, I know that last one involves seersucker. I stopped denying my preppy leanings about four years ago.)

These suits, while perfectly fine for others, would never work for me. Like with my real clothes, I need structure. And these have little. But as with the double-breasted coats, I am tempted.

And then I remind myself that flashing half of the beach while playing in the surf is never, ever a good thing.

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