Thursday, May 28, 2009

Come Sail Away

Last summer, I went on the hunt for a dress for a wedding I had to attend. It took forever. Mostly because I was looking for a dress to become The Wedding Dress™. Something I could pull out for the next few years and wear whenever someone was getting hitched. I chose a summery yellow because, let's be honest, most people get married in the late spring, the summer or the early fall. The shape could accommodate weight fluctuations. It fell right above the knee. You could easily throw a cardigan over it for chillier events. It fit all of my criteria.

This, of course, didn't stop me from thinking about what I might want to wear to this wedding if I could have a new dress.

Yes, I know those are sailboats. Yes, I realize that it's basically a sack, and, therefore, I should want none of it. But every time I've gone on one of my luxury department store jaunts recently, I've picked up this dress. And longed for it. Deeply.

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myyouthisgone said...

I am seriously beginning to question all fashion advice I have ever received from you. I hate this dress for you, for anyone with the exception of the actress who plays Greg's mother on Dharma and Greg. I am about to die.