Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tie Games

I readily admit that I know very little about men's clothing. I know what I think they look nice in, but I don't always know why I'm drawn to one particular item over another. But given all that, I'm still going to talk about a picture from this event.

Seriously, what the fuck? Are there no other tie colors besides red and blue gentlemen? Maybe the general public sees this as patriotic or something, but I see it as a sign that you lack a creative mind. Or that you simply choose not to listen to it, which is not a trait I like in my politicians. Are your PR people dressing you? Wait. Don't tell me. I already know the answer. Maybe we can look into some dark plums. Or a hunter green. I would even put up with the dreaded goldenrods that every boy at my college seemed to own.

On a side note, stand up straight Mr. I'm Only President for a Little Bit Longer. It looks like you're trying to bolt before your time is up. And will someone move closer to Jimmy? He's looking a little lost on the end.

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