Monday, January 26, 2009

Brush Strokes

With my internship days switched around this week, I found myself in my apartment today without much to do. I opened the door to my closet, which I've been putting off organizing for at least a year, and pulled out clothes to try on and assess. This did not turn out well. I spent most of the time prancing around in various dresses and skirts.

This foray into pretend cleaning led me to one conclusion. I'm done with winter. Yes, it's still January. And yes, I've only just broken in the awesome boots that I got for Christmas. But I'm ready for skirts and dresses sans tights. For the green, swing jacket and The Cardigan. Apparently I only like dressing for those in between seasons. Fall is all about blazers and skinny corduroys and the right amount of amount of crispness in the air. Spring is for floaty dresses and cropped jeans with ballet flats.

This all, of course, led to my sitting on my bed in a patterned skirt and a white tank scouring the internet for Spring merchandise like this dress.

Painterly patterns and I are totally going to run away together.

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