Monday, January 19, 2009

Ball Time

With the weather dipping into the single digits, I decided that leaving my apartment this weekend wasn't absolutely necessary. I spent most of yesterday watching the first four episodes of Friday Night Lights followed by first round Australian Open tennis. I tried to avoid the major news networks. I love Obama as much as the next girl, but the wall to wall coverage is driving me insane. However, I wanted to do my part to commemorate this special occasion. So between watching pretty boys pretend to push each other around on a field and other pretty boys hit balls back and forth on a court, I browsed the Fall/Winter 2008 and Resort 2009 collections for dresses that I might have worn if I had been invited to one of tomorrow's inaugural balls.

Firstly, we have this option from Temperley.

This is the only long dress that I chose. The length is broken up by the slit up the middle. I have major issues with people in their 20s wearing gown length dresses. It's very, very easy to age yourself. You can still be black tie appropriate without your skirt touching the floor. The color of this dress reminds me of the midnight blue hue of my senior prom dress without the sparkles and the huge skirt. The floating away that occurs beneath the bust line would hide my tummy, and it leaves me comfortable. No need for Spanx or other restrictive garments. I could breathe and eat and drink in this dress.

Secondly, we have this option from Marchesa.

I am not a fan of metallics in clothing. A metallic thread making its way through a black piece of clothing is fine. A metallic shoe or bag or ring is perfectly acceptable to me. But a metallic dress is not. New Year's Eve 2007, I wore a silver dress that my mother bought me for Christmas. I love that dress. But the silver is tempered by black thread that runs throughout it. I didn't look like a piece of aluminum foil. And, to be honest, I've only worn it once since then. But I couldn't stop looking at this dress. It doesn't say I am a shiny piece of gold jewelry. I love the definition of the bodice. The pleating of the skirt. The fact that, once again, I would be comfortable.

Finally, we have this option from Tracy Reese.

This dress is my favorite. I'm not completely sure why. Like with most of my favorite pieces, all rational thinking flees and emotion overtakes me. It just feels right. The deconstructed floral pattern in deep reds and black. The sheer portion at the top. The length.

Apparently I'm more of a fan of color and pattern than I give myself credit for.

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