Friday, September 12, 2008

In the Navy

Though I have dreams of McQueen and Chloe, in my actual purchases I'm a bit smarter. I'm not one of those girls who will live on credit and survive on Diet Coke and air to insure so that she can have that $1,000 pair of boots. I understand my monetary limits and generally live within them. Yesterday, after a trip to the bank, I walked over to an Old Navy and browsed the racks with no particular purpose but to waste time. As usually happens during such expeditions, I found several things that I wanted to add to my wardrobe.

With my tights ready to make their presence known once again, fall dresses have become a recent obsession of mine. I like this one because it has a pop of color and could work in an office, for that magical day when I actually get a job. And I love things that hide a big lunch or, you know, an evening of happy hour drinking.

And I want it in black too. Hey, for $30, I might as well get two.

More pretend office dressing. More hidden lunches.

School Girl skirt to go with School Boy blazer.

My wardrobe is lacking in the blouse department. One, because I've always thought of blouses as something that grownups wear, and I don't like to consider myself one of those. Not yet anyway. Two, because my breasts make finding ones that fit, well, difficult. This one wouldn't pose that problem. And it has ruffles. I love ruffles.

You know what I love more than ruffles? Stripes. My dresser is currently home to multiple striped sweaters in various shades. I think I spent all of winter 2006/2007 in almost nothing but stripes. It's somewhat unhealthy. I should break the addiction. But this is pink and blue and pretty. Maybe I'll just indulge myself one last time.

Who am I kidding? It definitely won't be the last time.

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