Monday, July 14, 2008

The Necklace

I have a tendency to lose jewelry. Watches. Bracelets. Necklaces. When nervous or tired or telling little white lies, I fidget and eventually find myself without some bauble. When I'm wearing something important, I try as hard as possible not to touch it. My high school class ring, through some feat of nature, has been lost and found several times. Good thing, as it was, until recently, the only piece I wore with any regularity.

I can't bring myself to splurge on something I might lose so easily. It's not like we're talking about a pair of jeans or shoes. Those I would notice right away. A bracelet that has slipped off, however, is always remembered far too late. In the past year, I've discovered the accessories section of H&M and have spent my time wearing and then losing/breaking multiple pairs of $5.90 earrings. I lose these pieces free of guilt. Without worrying about the cost or the possibility of hurt feelings.

There is one piece, however, that I would be devastated to lose.

I bought this Luella for Target necklace on a whim. I hadn't yet discovered my love of cheap accessories and didn't think much of it as I placed it into my basket. It sat in my Boston home basically untouched from the time I bought it in early 2006 until I moved to Brooklyn at the end of that year. Even after I moved, it sat next to unworn faux pearls and a necklace comprised of large yellow plastic beads.

For someone who usually dresses on the classic/conservative side, the necklace felt out of place in my arsenal. And, because of where it fell, it drew attention to my chest, which I wasn't really a fan of. That area does enough attention drawing on its own.

It wasn't until this year that I really started wearing it. And I haven't removed it all that often since then. Much like The Cardigan, I am wearing it in my profile photo. (It's a bit harder to see.) And though I've bought many necklaces during my recent cheap accessories glut, it is still the only one that I wear. It is immune to my fidgeting. I pull on it. Twist it around my fingers. Lift it up and watch it fall back against my front.

It doesn't fall off. It doesn't break. It goes with almost everything.

And that is why I love it. Because despite how I may try to get rid of it, it stays put.

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