Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Walk Ins

When boredom grabs me, one of the first places I head is the refrigerator. Not to eat anything. I just open it and peer in. Considering. Contemplating. And then, after a few minutes, I close it. My mother tells me that I've been doing this since I could walk. That and unknowingly standing in front of the television when others are trying to watch. After the fridge, I usually head over to the closet.

When I was six years old, the closet of choice was my mother's. Every inch was packed. Suits with shoulder pads. Evening dresses with intricate beading and sequins. And near the back, a group of slinky party dresses left over from her 20s. A Pink, A Black and A Cream. Those pieces were my favorite. I could see people on the street towering over me in their suits all of the time. I often caught glimpses of glamorous women wearing those evening dresses with intricate beading and sequins on the television. But I never saw anyone in anything like The Pink, The Black and The Cream. Those dresses were worn by a mother I had never known. And the idea of that confused and intrigued my little girl mind.

When I'm in a vintage store now, it's like I'm in the closet again. I am six and everything is more beautiful than anything in my own. And then I look at the price tags...

But earlier this week while at my internship, I got introduced to Nasty Gal Vintage, a site with reasonably priced vintage pieces. The items that drew my eye fell into one of two categories: Available and Unavailable.

This Mod Dress has two things that I don't go for normally: color and pattern. But I love it. And its bow. And the fact that it costs less than a good number of my jeans.

And here we are again with the color and the pattern. But I like anything that reminds me of school uniforms of yore. The Sioux Buckle Skirt does that job quite nicely.

The first item that I clicked on was the Sunshine Lace Dress. Even though it was clearly marked sold. I think the skirt caught in mid-twirl made me do it. That and the fact that this is basically my idea of the perfect summer dress.

I like sparkles, as should be obvious from this blog's title. But I tend not to wear them. (We'll address that at a later date.) So maybe it's the fact that the Saturday Sequin Jacket features black sequins against a black background that makes me covet it. Or it could be the fact that it's unavailable.

I have a habit of wanting those things least likely to be mine.

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