Friday, June 14, 2013

What About This?: The Big 3-0 Edition

A few days ago a co-worker asked me if it would be weird to simply tell her mother what she wanted for her birthday. I couldn't say "no" fast enough. There is always a thrill in the unknown, but after one has exited the age of dolls and trains and coloring books, I believe that that thrill becomes secondary.

A couple of months ago my best friend, whom I've previously dressed in this post (oh, and that one), asked if I would put something together for her again to celebrate the beginning of her 30s. It's more grounded than the previous posts and more focused in on just a few brands that I know fit her well. Every age is about being stylish, but as you get older it's also about being smarter. I've grouped the pieces into the most generic of categories, but in the end they are all part of a whole.


Because everyone needs a pair of black pants.

And a black pencil skirt (with a fun hem detail).

Because nothing will deal with the heat of a New York City summer quite like a linen sweater.

(Or a boyfriend with an air-conditioned apartment.)

Because she, like I, knows the importance of a good ballet flat.

Because your everyday tote should come in a non-neutral neutral.

Because I once had to corner her while she showered in order to reclaim a pendant necklace of mine that she had borrowed for a long stretch of time.


Because everyone needs a classic dress in a great color.

Because she's not afraid of prints.

But that fearlessness doesn't always include printed pants.

Because the art of draping is one that everyone should master.

Because this tweed goes with everything.

Because every office ever is always too cold.

Because every woman should have a bag that is briefcase-adjacent.


Because a shirtdress goes well with brunch.

And a denim jacket goes well with a shirtdress.

Because I know how much she loves sweatshirts.

Because she should never forget about her inner punk.

Because leopard is a neutral.

Because sometimes she needs to feel taller.

And sometimes she wishes that she were a baller.

(Yup. I did in fact go there.)

Because she's never met a mini bag that she didn't love.

Because, as the Fug Girls say, everyone looks hotter in sunglasses.

Because sometimes you just have to jet away.

Night Out

Because sometimes she should be the center of attention.

Because every arm party needs a starting point.

Because every woman needs one pair of shoes meant only for sitting and standing.

And sometimes that pair needs a friend.

Because I've seen the evidence that she looks great in this dress.

Which probably means that she also needs the leather version.

Here's to the 30s being more fun and better dressed than the 20s.

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raleve jesica said...

Great looking, great color, great fit. The jacket is great quality and the leather is so soft. is so great. I alo want to get some mens leather jackets, hope they won't disappoint me.