Monday, February 25, 2013

Favorite of the Day: Jil Sander

When the news first came out that Raf Simons was leaving Jil Sander, my level of indignation was remarkably high. We still didn't know that he was moving on to Christian Dior, and I had been in love with everything he had done at Sander right from the start. Even the news that Jil Sander was returning to the brand that carries her name didn't remove the sour taste from my mouth.

It wasn't until Simons landed safely at Dior that I settled down a bit. I liked Simons' work so much because he did a magnificent job of maintaining the minimalist DNA of the brand while adding a twist of his own. But one really can't beat the original, which has been obvious now that Sander has retaken her place at the helm and was especially apparent at the show on February 23rd.

I'm still raging about Stefano Pilati and YSL, however.

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