Thursday, October 6, 2011

Favorite of the Day: Alexander McQueen

I always spend the last few days of Paris fashion week unable to make a decision. About what I'm really doing here with this blog. About whether or not I should take a break before starting the round ups. About which collection is my favorite.

The last two days of shows feature some of the world's biggest luxury brands, and they rarely disappoint. Most years I'm left with little to say and a lot of bookmarked slides to sift through. Such was the case for the shows presented on October 4th, but after wavering between three options, I finally settled down.

When Alexander McQueen died in February of 2010, there were a lot of questions about whether the line could continue without him. The singularity of his vision was obvious to anyone who followed his work. But every season since his passing, Sarah Burton has artfully continued upon the path that he forged.

It was all craftsmanship and ingenuity and beauty.

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