Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Favorite of the Day: Dsquared²

Over a year ago while in a Barnes & Noble for one of my usual Read the European Fashion Magazines Because I Can't Afford to Buy Them All trips, I picked up a German magazine I had never heard of. As I flipped through its pages, I heard a small gasp coming from my right. The sound had escaped from a woman close to my age who was every bit the stereotype of a New England prep (pastels, khakis, pearls, cable knit sweater tied around shoulders). She apologized for intruding but expressed some shock at the bare breasts in the photo spread I was inspecting. From the way she spoke to me, I could tell she assumed I was shocked and offended as well. As if I had picked up the magazine not knowing what to expect. I nodded along and said nothing. Better to let her think that I had the same reaction to seeing two body parts that we, standing in that brightly lit bookstore, happened to share with the girl in the photograph. After calming down, she returned to the wedding magazines.

American society's issues with sex are well enough documented that I don't need to delve into them here. My own issues with it can be found all over this blog.

I prefer my clothes to faintly suggest that I am a sexual being.

But the clothes at Dsquared² refused to play that game.

Walking down the runway was a girl wearing all of the signposts of The American Prep, yet she exhibited a level of sexual ease, as well as comfort, that is rarely found here.

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