Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Favorite of the Day: Chris Benz

A few weeks ago I had to attend a friend's birthday party. I was looking forward to the festivities in general, but a more specific type of excitement kept leaking in.

I get to dress up.

The common response to my child-like anticipation, an emotion I wasn't sure I was capable of producing any longer, was but you always dress up. What I do every day (avoiding sweats, favoring skinny jeans, developing an unnatural affinity for cardigans) is not dressing up. At this point, it is somewhat of a uniform. A uniform that I am happy with but a uniform nonetheless.

However, the idea of certain clothes, of wearing them and living in them, makes me giddy. That was the case last season for Chris Benz.

And that is the case this season.

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