Thursday, October 8, 2009

Favorite of the Day: RM by Roland Mouret

Paris has been the city of favorites with tumultuous recent histories. There was the shuttering and reopening of Rochas. The new direction at Nina Ricci. The pair of designers making their mark at Valentino following some initial uncertainty following the departure of the legend.

Roland Mouret's first line simply carried his name. Four years ago I spent far too much time calculating how long I could last on shallow breathing so that wearing one of his dresses would be a possibility.

Fall 2005:

Spring 2006:

The Galaxy dress, pictured in blue and black above, was one of the most coveted pieces of this decade. So it was with an immense amount of shock that the fashion world met the news of his departure from the company that bore his name. Not even owning part of the company, he had to leave behind that item which defines most of us from birth.

But that also meant a fresh start on his terms.

This season
there was a touch of air that I have never seen in his clothes.

I'm sure I would be able to inhale and exhale deeply this time around.

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