Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Favorite of the Day: Celine

I expected there to be a day with no favorite for Paris, and yesterday was that day. The absence of a favorite had more to do with my general clothing fatigue. After clicking through hundreds of pictures, I decided that I should spend my time outside enjoying the last breaths of good weather before the hammer of winter falls. I put on my green swing coat and spent most of the afternoon with a friend.

But today I can see the end in sight. And that sight has reinvigorated me.

I, like many people who pay attention to such things, anxiously waited for news about Phoebe Philo's return to the fashion world after she stepped down from her position at Chloé. So it was with far too much excitement that I greeted the announcement that she had been chosen to helm Celine.

After three and a half weeks of outfits that were sometimes loud, sometimes sheer, and often devoid of pants, this was what I really needed. There were no awkward adult diapers here. No overt references to past decades.

Just the kind of simple luxury that I so often crave.

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