Monday, October 13, 2008


I've spent most of the last week fretfully watching CNBC and deciding whether or not I should stock up on ramen noodles, so I apologize for the lack of posting. With all of the various fashion weeks over (no, I don't count Los Angeles) and my mind focused on other matters, I haven't, honestly, been thinking about clothes all that often. But on one of my days off two weeks ago, while the temperature outside dropped, I cocooned into my comforter and spent hours at so that I could catch up on all the things I had missed while watching eight crazy floating heads tell me that the ship was sinking.

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So after laughing through the pain of our current economic clusterfuck and staring at pictures of rather tall girls in a lot of transparent clothing (guh!), I settled on two collections that I loved more than all of the others. Most seasons this decision would have been harder and I would be fluttering between five or six collections, but I was underwhelmed by what was on offer. Or I was distracted. Or maybe I just completely reject the idea of leather being a trend for next Spring/Summer. But I'm veering off course here.

First up, Boy by Band of Outsiders.

Thankfully I was able to overlook my meh feelings about Kirsten Dunst because this entire collection makes me happy inside. It takes everything I love, pencil skirts and blazers and thin sweaters, and puts them into combinations that scream effortless and clean and young without being overly trendy. The second look is my favorite. My mind keeps playing with the two separates. I can imagine that top worn with skinny jeans and sweet flats on casual weekend dates. The skirt paired with a simple tank. I love clothes that are versatile. That can be worn in many different ways in many different situations. That I won't want to hide in the back of my closet come the next year.

Second up, Giambattista Valli.

So if the first collection were all about reality, this one is all about fantasy. Sometimes fashion provides an escape that makes my life seem less complicated. Hence the need to stroll through Saks or Barneys whenever I happen to be in that part of the east side. This collection, heavy on the tailoring and low on the transparency, reminds my of the kind of things that four year old Samantha would have found gorgeous. And twenty-five year old Samantha is pretty impressed with them as well. In fact, she wishes she had somewhere to wear such things. Like to the opera. They would complement her recent obsession with elbow-length gloves. And her love of muted drama.

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