Friday, February 11, 2011

Favorite of the Day: Lyn Devon

As the new season approached, I considered putting an end to this series. I was fearful that it was becoming stale. That I was starting to feature the same designers again and again. But like anyone, I have favorites, and to call the repeated appearance of some designers stale is to do them a disservice. It's the change from year to year and the creativity that I see in their pieces that cause me to continue featuring them.

So, here again, is Lyn Devon. Everything is a bit looser this season, a thread that I'm already seeing run through multiple collections.

Whether it is the gown or the sweater dress, she tweaks the classics just enough to transform them into something new.

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Erin said...

I never noticed that designer before, but I love the designs of hers that you chose. I especially like the sweater dress "tweak" - it really makes the dress look like it could go lots of places, which is exactly the kind of dress I wish I had more of in my wardrobe!

Now I'm curious...I think I will look into Lyn Devon's past work...