Sunday, February 14, 2010

Favorite of the Day: Helmut Lang

Black is boring. Black is slimming. Black is classic. Black is the new Black.

These are statements heard again and again in reference to that color. And yes, all black can be boring. But so can all purple or all yellow or all teal if done incorrectly. A solid block of color rarely looks exciting on anyone. It's the mixing and matching of fabrics, the embroidery and textures, that give that color life. When a female celebrity wears black to an event, you can guarantee that one of the main critiques will be It would be so pretty if only the camera could pick up all the detailing. Yes, on camera the differences often fade away, but most of us do not live our lives on camera. We live it in front of others who can appreciate the subtlety of such an outfit if they take the time.

At Helmut Lang, layering was as present as it was in the Missoni pre-Fall collection that I loved so much. But this time it featured the color that we all love to love and love to hate.

And the prints for those so inclined.

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