Monday, December 21, 2009

Tongue Tied

I was making my way through the Pre-Fall 2010 collections, when I found myself without anything coherent to say near the end of the Naeem Khan presentation.

This dress is why I need fancy events to go to.

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David said...

Fashion-Conscious Video with Holiday Spirit


I thought that you and the followers of your blog and twitter might find this video interesting!

My actress in "Paper Birds" is wearing a vintage jacket from Paris, the skirt used to be a long vintage skirt from a flea market in Los Angeles but was cut to make it mini, the yellow tights were from a department store in Los Angeles, the shoes are from Paris.

The wardrobe was meant to reflect her whimsical and maybe even mythical personality and create a stark contrast with her environment.

The theme of the video is about the inspiration that can be found even in ordinary circumstances and that in giving back / sharing to the world - magic is created. A theme that is appropriate for the holiday season!

Thanks and Happy New Year,