Wednesday, July 29, 2009

But I Love To Watch You Leave

I’ve recently become obsessed with the back of things.

Last week, while drinking a Miller (I know) in a local bar, I sat at an elevated table on an elevated stool. Adjacent to me sat a boy/girl couple quietly playing Scrabble and enjoying a simple Wednesday night date. The girl half had her back to me. She wore a black sleeveless dress. The back dipped low as if she had put on a wrap dress the wrong way. A large, asymmetrical swath of her back was left bare.

The backs of all of my garments are unassuming. Simple. No flash. Everything of interest is kept to the front half. I stopped wearing halters and strapless dresses years ago, tired of fighting with strapless bras that never really worked. My back stayed covered up. But I've come to realize recently that it's not necessarily about flesh versus no flesh. Things are, as always, more complex and nuanced than that.

For a look that says sex without screaming it, all you need is a window of skin and the exposed zipper of this dress by Preen.

The simplicity of the front of this piece by Alexander Wang is complimented by the soft knotting and over-sized keyhole of its back.

This top from Urban Outfitters hides a surprise only revealed when longer hair is swept away.

The geometric shape seen in the back of this dress by Jen Kao draws your eye to the shoulders.

This dress by Sari Gueron is perfection in my eyes.

All legs.

And a little gift as you leave the room.

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