Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Finalement Paris

After weeks and weeks, I've gotten to this city at last. Though New York is my home, I've always wanted to attend the Paris shows. To finally use some of that French I spent nine years studying. To overindulge on pastries and drink a bit too much wine.

Though my pattern of only liking collections in pairs disappeared, the number of individual pieces from various collections that I found myself drawn to ballooned.

A belted blue Dries Van Noten coat.

And a zippered one from Roland Mouret.

An almost too sexy for me Nina Ricci minidress.

An easy day ensemble from the relaunched Rochas.

An one-shouldered Giambattista Valli gown.

A strapless Lanvin dress.

A voluminous Balenciaga skirt.

A printed Stella McCartney dress.

A pink Chanel quilted bag.

In terms of full collections, there was only one. I've always loved Martin Grant. The intricacy of the tailoring makes me dizzy in a way that reminds me of the days when I would spin far too fast on the tire swing. I was so overcome with giddiness that I could hardly stand or breathe when my feet finally made their way back to the sand below.

Many of the stand alone pieces that I like are on the trendier side. Items that I would wear for a year or two before possibly becoming bored with them. They would settle into the back of my closet with the business casual pants and the medical school interview suits. The collections, however, always lean toward the classic. Things I could wear forever with a bit of an adjustment here or there. Those are the types of pieces I always find myself coming back to. Visiting in various stores imagining the day when I might be able to take them home with me.

I wanted every item that Martin Grant had on offer for next Fall, but here's a small taste.

A gray belted coat.

A white halter dress.

A gray off the shoulder dress.

A black halter dress.

A Joan Holloway-esque pink dress.

An impossibly wide and high pair of pants.

And pure drama.

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